Maid In Heaven Dubbed Episode 2




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Series Name: Maid In HeavenNumber of Episode(s): 4

Synopsis: Maid in Heaven is a tart little two episode OVA focusing on the rather sordid relationship between Yuusuke Matsudo and his childhood friend Nagisa, who’s also his newly hired maid. Of course, it would be more accurate to call her his maid/willing sex slave, since when she isn’t cleaning or making food, he’s showing her all the ways to be a true maid. How should a true maid act you ask? By being sexually subservient and promiscuous of course! She’s not quite there yet though, and Yuusuke’s on a mission to train her to be a true maid, ready and willing to please wherever and whenever he so desires!
Alternate Names: Maid in Heaven, MAID iN HEAVEN SuperS
Aired: Oct 28, 2005 to Nov 25, 2005
Producers: Green Bunny, Shinkuukan
Source: Visual Novel