Medical Humiliation Episode 1



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Series Name: Medical HumiliationNumber of Episode(s): 2

Synopsis: Ryuki has made a full recovery, and now it’s finally time to check out of the hospital; however, he’s desperate not to leave! The head nurse, Rumi, has a penchant for tying down the other nurses and torturing them while masturbating. Nurse Nozomi needs to have sex constantly, with anyone or anything. Nurses Sarina and Rinka have even stranger desires. Ryuki’s not going anywhere until he’s gone through the whole nursing staff, and the hospital director Himiko, too!
Alternate Names: Ijoku, 医辱
Aired: Jul 14, 2006 to Nov 10, 2006
Producers: Digital Works, Y.O.U.C, Media Blasters
Source: Visual Novel