Suika Episode 1




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Series Name: SuikaNumber of Episode(s): 3

Synopsis: Dramatic Tension leads to sexual release! Sayaka Shirakawa is the daughter of an art professor who specializes in death-themed paintings. She is dating one of his students, Souji Kamishiro. For some reason, Sayaka seems to be harboring hatred for her father. One day, Mie Wakabayashi, who has romantic feelings for Souji, tells him what she’s heard about the Professor: that he has been killing his models so that he can paint their corpses. Meanwhile, Mie happens to witness Shirakawa purchasing poison, and she runs to find Sayaka.
Alternate Names: Wet Summer Days, 水夏 ~SUIKA~
Aired: Feb 25, 2003 to Jun 25, 2003
Producers: Kitty Media, APPP
Source: Visual Novel